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Web Design / CMS Development / Content

We designed a cms driven product website which could not compromise on speed or quality.

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Fireplace Company

Established in 1974, Marble Hill Fireplaces offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of fireplaces in the UK.


Finding a way to make a website with over 120 pages still feel ‘interesting’ while browsing. Also ensuring the browsing experience was not compromised with slow loading speeds.


A website with many pages designed to ensure an SEO footprint is left on Google for each product category offered. The website was CMS-powered which allowed the client to update when desired.

Intuitive CMS

The ability to add individual products which are smartly distributed and categorized throughout the website. PDF files providing more information were also enabled to be attached to each of product.


Each page is able to adapt to both mobile and tablet devices and across each screen comfortably.

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