Beechwood Nursery School

Website & Content Management System

Beechwood asked us to design a colourful friendly website which would immediately capture the attention of parents looking for a safe pre-school environment.

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Children's Nursery School

Beechwood Nursery is a pre-school based in Streatham, South London. Its a beautiful multi-cultural school with high standards set on happiness & well-being.


Beechwood Nursery’s website was 10 years old and SEO rankings were rapidly falling despite them being on page 1 of Google. They desired the website to be very colorful and child-like but still feel professional. Being accessible from all devices consistently was also a strong must.


We observed the current traffic to determine good pages to best to keep users attention. A strong brand/colour identity was developed to reflect the schools image. We developed an easy to use website with an intuitive menu and strong imagery. We placed an emphasis on SEO throughout all the content.

CMS Controlled

The client is able to amend content throughout the site with the ability to also add news items/staff and remove publications. This gives them peace of mind to keep the website well updated which again contributes to SEO efforts.

Friendly experience

We offered a friendly color co-ordinated experience throughout all of the website design. This was consistent across all screen device sizes. The website is also SSL enabled with all data secured to instill trust in visitors.

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