Wildlife Vets International

Web Design, Social Media & Email Campaigns

We work regularly with the Wildlife Vets team to deliverregular web design, social media graphics and email marketing to further theirwork.

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Wildlife Vets Charity

WVI is a British charity which has been providing critical veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects since 2004. WVI is now recognized as a leader in wildlife and conservation medicine and is frequently asked to tackle new projects and problems.


When approaching this redesign, we had to ensure that the design and user experience matched up to some of the other well recognised charities. Our main goal was to improve the time spent browsing and finding a way to make people have a desire to donate or get involved.


We provided a robust cms powered website with loading speeds increased by more than 30%. A unique template was designed to ensure information was easy to digest and share across social media.  Strong colours and branding were maintained for easy brand recognition.

Intuitive Menu

We’re proud to have designed a unique responsive menu which improved the way users browse throughout the many pages. It simplified the process and also worked well on all modern browsers (including IE).

Payment System & CMS Control

We integrated the website with popular donation platforms which enabled a simplified process of giving money to the organization. This worked well alongside their CMS which enables the ability to add and removed content throughout the site.

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