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We work regularly with Richmond Pharmacology to maintain their fleet of high-traffic informative websites.

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Clinical Trial Company

Richmond Pharmacology makes a meaningful contribution towards bringing new medicines to market.


Richmond asked us to design & develop a website fit for displaying a high amount of content in an intuitive way. Since the website receives has a high level of traffic, we had to ensure the migration did not include downtime and website loading speeds were kept to a minimum.


We provided a cms powered website fit serving information about all the various doctors and services provided within the institute. The colourful animated website is cms Wordpress driven website and utilised strong brand colours provided.

Strong Colours & Animation

Colours which represented each service were provided for us to incorporate throughout all the page designs. A professional touch of animation was added to keep the users engaged during browsing.

Friendly experience

The website is highly mobile responsive and driven by custom modules coded within Wordpress. Staff are able to post company publications & pdfs. Users are able to sort through the content.

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